3D scene editing tools for Roche

The start-up  Mobile Media Content and GTI provide Roche a set of 3D scene editing tools which will help Roche to place lab machinery and equipment in hospital and clinic environments, and present interactive 3D visualizations to its clients.


The tools developed are based on Unity 3D, and the tools support Roche engineers in the setup and showcase of 3D scenes containing the equipment of the company. The scenes created with the editor will be used in clients’ visits to Roche HQ, conferences, business fairs, etc, and the interactive visualizations help potential clients to assess the installations before committing themselves. Currently, the editor exports scenes for Windows desktop systems and tactile screens.

The main features of the editor (illustrated in the video) are:

  • - Importing buildings, textures and machinery.
  • - Object manipulation.
  • - Product description creation & visualization.
  • - Scene illumination.
  • - Scene viewer with orbital camera and first person mode.
  • - Viewer exporter for Windows systems, tactile screens and Kinect support.