A Remote Multi-touch Experience to Support Collaboration between Remote Museum Visitors


Ernesto Arroyo, Valeria Righi, Roger Tarrago, Josep Blat.
Information and Communication Technologies Department, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Published in:
€INTERACT 2011 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

This paper presents a collaborative experience designed to supportlearning in two remotely located museums sharing a common exhibition. Aremote collaborative multi-touch experience offers an additional channel formuseum visitors to explore the exhibition and increase the sense ofconnectedness and awareness between the two spaces. The experience flowincludes stages offering opportunities for exploration, negotiation andcooperation. The paper describes the design and implementation of a systemthat allows simultaneous collaborative interaction and communication throughtwo multi-touch surfaces augmented with videoconferencing. The systemallows museum visitors to communicate with remote participants and with theirpeers. Finally, the paper discusses preliminary observations of end-users, andcultural organizations using the prototype. This work provides a use case forsocial interactive experiences that could draw museum visitors to furtherexplore an exhibition and share their views and interpretation with others..

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Arroyo E.,  Righi V., Tarrago, R. Blat, J. A Remote Multi-touch Experience to Support Collaboration between Remote Museum Visitors.€ €In proceedings of the 13th IFIP TC13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction INTERACT 2011