Advanced 3D graphics

3D graphics, and the technology underpinning them, form a crucial part of several industries. The most notable of these is the entertainment industry, with its focus on videogames, film and television special effects, and digital animation. However, 3D graphics are also have many other applications in fields such as medicine, architecture, engineering and scientific research.
The GTI has an entire subgroup dedicated to research and development of novel ideas and applications concerning 3D graphics. From large-scale, high visibility projects such as the Barcelona World Race Game, to novel technical research into character animation, the GTI has been at the cutting edge for several years.


Demos and showcases

KRISTINA - Embodied conversational agents (in progress)


KRISTINA – Mesh compression for the web


WE3D – 3D Web Editor (in progress)


IMPART – Web visualizaton of a set: a unified 3D scene


IMPART – Progressive point cloud visualization on the web


BWR – 3D web rendering of a virtual boat


BWR – Web visualization of Big Data


Web-based visualisation of MRI cardiac images


Simulator sickness using a position estimation system for HMDs



Posts Related

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing

GTI researcher Dr. Alun Evans has just presented a full paper, entitled Combined 2D and 3D Visualisation of On-set Big Media Data, at the 2015 edition of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), in Quebec City, Canada.

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GTI in Saló Nàutic 2014

GTI participates in the Saló Nàutic 2014 presenting the new edition of Barcelona World Race THE GAME

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3D scene editing tools for Roche

The start-up  Mobile Media Content and GTI provide Roche a set of 3D scene editing tools which will help Roche to place lab machinery and equipment in hospital and clinic environments, and present interactive 3D visualizations to its clients. The tools developed are based on Unity 3D, and the tools support Roche engineers in the setup and […]

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WebGLStudio: GTI paper wins Best Paper at Web3D 2013

The Web3D conference is a yearly event where the some of best and newest research into to web-based 3D graphics is published. This year, the GTI’s resident graphics expert, Javi Agenjo, won the Best Short Paper award for his paper WebGLStudio: A Pipeline for WebGL Scene Creation. The paper, co-written by Alun Evans and Josep Blat, […]

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Noa & Max on Spanish National Television TVE

Noa & Max on Spanish National Television TVE
An interview to the creativeteam behind the animation.

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A web­based tool for Digital Cinema

In the frame of the European IMPART project ( the GTI is developing a web­based tool that will allow filmmakers to deal with the amount of shooting data generated every day in production. Digital cinema has broadened the creative possibilities but now production crews have to deal with huge amount of data related  to a […]

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3D visualization of Bilbao Athletic Club Stadium

GTI, in collaboration with the Mobile Media Content company, has been developing a 3D visualization project for the Bilbao Athletic Club.

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Noa & Max – Animating science for future scientists

GTI and Everis join forces to deliver Noa & Max – stuck in Electronia, a twelve minutes animated mini-series for teenagers that will approach science and technology in a funny, dynamic and appealing way.The project is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and has a 12 months duration. Everis studied how […]

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IMPART will research, develop and evaluate intelligent information management solutions for ‘big data’ problems in the field of digital cinema production.

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James D. Foley visits the GTI

On Tuesday the 28th of June, the GTI were honoured to receive a visit from Professor Jim Foley, currently professor of Georgia Tech and Vice President of SIGGRAPH. This was a particularly special event for the Graphics research sub-group of the GTI, as Jim quite literally “wrote the book” (in fact, several books) on computer […]

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Automatic Sign Language Avatar for video News

The Automatic Sign Language Avatar for Video News is a system of automatic generation of news in sign language (specifically in the International Sign System, SSI), which has been used to report the results of the Barcelona World Race sailing regatta ( The technological development has been implemented by the GTI Graphics Group, in order to help the deaf community gain greater access to information about the Barcelona World Race.

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iMP: satellite distribution demo at Splau Cinemas

A demonstration of the possibilities of the satellite distribution was given to directors and productors of digital cinema, in the context of the iMP 7th Framework project dissemination.

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