Andrea Rosales

Phd Alumni

Andrea Rosales received her Ph.D. in Information Communication and Audiovisual Technologies at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), with the dissertation about “Designing wearable and playful accessories to  encourage free-play amongst school aged children”. Previously she received her  Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from the UPF and her  Social Communication Degree from the Universidad del Valle.
Since 2009 she has been collaborating in few projects in the Interactive Technologies Group (GTI) at UPF. At GTI she has been working on User Studies in HCI projects related kids and elderly. This user studies have included, ethnographic explorations, co-design and evaluation processes. She also has been developing specific technologies to encourage free-play amongst school children through everyday objects augmented with interactive textiles.


HCI, Interactive Textiles, Interaction Design and Children, ICT and older people, Ethnography, Co-design.