Automatic Sign Language Avatar for video News

Borja: Sign Language  Avatar

The Automatic Sign Language Avatar for Video News is a system of automatic generation of news in sign language (specifically in the International Sign System, SSI), which has been used to report the results of the Barcelona World Race sailing regatta  ( The technological development has been implemented by the GTI Graphics Group, in order to help the deaf community gain greater access to information about the Barcelona World Race.

The system allows the automatic creation of a video with a virtual character signing a linguistically complex information structure. The video is created from digital information of a live event (a football game, weather data, politic elections, etc..). The data, gathered from a server, is processed by the system that fills a pre-existing template designed for a particular piece of news. These templates, in XML format, can bind together a series of animations of signs made ​​with the help of experts and professionals signers.

The results are broadcasted on the website of Spanish National Radio 4 .

The development of tools for sign language generation has been a line of research of GTI in the recent years, and this is the latest development in what is sure to become an interesting field of research in the future.

Finished 2011



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