European older people community pilots at the Smart City Exhibition in Bologna

On October 16, the pilots runned within the Life 2.0 European project in Barcelona, Milano, Joensuu and Aalborg were presented at the Smart City Exhibition 2013 in the session on “The elderly communities as a resource: towards a new vision of welfare“.  The session, which was focused on the European research on e-inclusion within the framework […]

Cuatrecasas employees test new GTI geolocated app in Sitges!


36 Cuatrecasas employees taking part in a 2-day Team Building event in Sitges followed a geolocated activity prepared by Lapica on the basis of a new GTI application on October 23 2013. The activity consisted of using smartphones with a new GTI app to answer geolocated questions along twelve individual routes, one for each team. Each […]

Workshop on the design of educational mini-games at the Mobile World Centre

With the support of XTEC and the Mobile World Centre, Javier Melero and Davinia Hernández-Leo from the GTI run yesterday (June 26th, 2013) a workshop focused on the design of educational mini-games. 28 teachers (mostly from secondary education) participated in  the workshop, whose objective was to analyse, apply and experiment the key elements to consider […]

A WorthPlay game to share neighborhood memories

The WorthPlay game Sharing Neighborhood Memories has been played during a public event, which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year. The game aims to elicit storytelling by asking participants to answer a set of questions about the story of their neighborhood, La Verneda. The questions have been created by older […]

ICT and folk parties: The Game


As part of the Worthplay project, the Àgora participants have created a knowledge game about Spanish folk parties. During spring 2012, 5 participants of the Worthplay game club, created the questions of the first version of the game. The game encouraged participants to use ICT resources as youtube, google maps, sharing images, and email to […]

Literary Gathering


Worthplay Project has explored the use of knowledge games in a literary tour, to extend the spaces of literary gatherings.  In the late Spring 2012, 11 participants were involved in the creation of literary tour about La Plaça del Diamant book by Mercè Rodoreda in Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. They created two groups, and during […]

The Life 2.0 pilot

The Life 2.0 project is about 1 year in the full pilot phase. Over 110 people, in the four pilot location (Aalborg, Barcelona, Joensuu and Milano), are now using the Life 2.0 platform to share helps and information and get to know the events in their local area. The platform has been designed following a […]

Noa & Max on Spanish National Television TVE


Noa & Max on Spanish National Television TVE
An interview to the creativeteam behind the animation.

WorthPlay @ Obra Social de la Caixa


The WorthPlay project has developed an online platform which enables both older people and members of their social circles to develop and play meaningful games. During the last months, a number of games have been created and played by older people in several settings, including Àgora, in Barcelona, and EspacioCaixa Madrid – one of the […]

A web­based tool for Digital Cinema

In the frame of the European IMPART project ( the GTI is developing a web­based tool that will allow filmmakers to deal with the amount of shooting data generated every day in production. Digital cinema has broadened the creative possibilities but now production crews have to deal with huge amount of data related  to a […]

Wearable Sounds will be at Mini Music Day festival


Barcelona, april 21, Fabra i Coats

QuesTInSitu: The Game

“EL JOC DE LES TORRES: Discovering L’Hospitalet using your Smartphone” In the frame of its Technology-Enhanced Learning research line, the GTI (Interactive Technologies Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona) has developed an educational game for smartphones to discover the historical heritage of L’Hospitalet in situ. The game has been designed by a team of 7 […]

Noa & Max – Animating science for future scientists


GTI and Everis join forces to deliver Noa & Max – stuck in Electronia, a twelve minutes animated mini-series for teenagers that will approach science and technology in a funny, dynamic and appealing way.The project is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and has a 12 months duration. Everis studied how […]

GTI @ the human rights festival organized in La Verneda

GTI participated in the “Festa Drets Humans” were many activities celebrating human rights and multiculturalism were hold.

EEE: Educational Reflected Spaces


Recent technological advances open broad opportunities to link these spaces, thus enabling the realization of an “extended ubiquitous learning”settings that incorporate and coordinate objects and activities from the mall. Examples are: the use of augmented reality, that super imposes a digital layer on top of the physical space, providing extra information or linking objects; the […]

Best Paper in the Community Informatics Research Network Conference


V. Righi, S. Sayago, J. Blat, (2012) Older people’s use of Social Network Sites while participating in local online communities from an ethnographical perspective. CIRN 2012 Community Informatics Conference: ‘Ideals meet Reality’, 7 – 9 Nov, Prato (Italy),

Metis: Meeting teachers co-design needs by means of Integrated Learning Environments


In spite of the maturity achieved by learning design authoring tools and specifications, they have not been widely adopted neither by learning institutions nor teachers. Consequently, teachers do not take advantage on the possibility of producing (or co-producing), sharing and applying learning designs by using tested software authoring tools. This represents a missed opportunity to incorporate new pedagogical approaches into everyday teaching-learning processes supported by Virtual Learning Environments.



IMPART will research, develop and evaluate intelligent information management solutions for ‘big data’ problems in the field of digital cinema production.

GTI, SOS and QuesTInSitu participation at the European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning 2012

GTI, SOS and QuesTInSitu participation at the European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning 2012

SOS: Orchestrating Collaborative Activities Across Digital and Physical Spaces Using Wearable Signaling Devices

Hernández-Leo, D.; Nieves, R.; Arroyo, E.; Rosales, A.; Melero, J.; Blat, J.: SOS: Orchestrating Collaborative Activities Across Digital and Physical Spaces Using Wearable Signaling Devices. Journal of Universal Computer Science 18(15), 2012, 2165-2186

EEE Project Meeting

GTI organized and participated in the EEE project meeting

GTI will be participating in NORDICHI 2012

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 13.51.08

Valeria Righi and Andrea Rosales will be participating in NordiCHI 2012 with two position papers in two different workshops. “Older people’s strategies for building trust in online communities through an ethnographical lens” will be presented in the workshop User-Centered Trust in Interactive Systems and “Ethnographic techniques with older people at intermediate stages of product development” will […]

ARS Electronica Lab

The GTI participated in the Ars Electronica festival 2012, with a open lab for kids.

Simulation of a WorthPlay game in a public event at La Verneda

On the 15th of June 2012 researchers working in the WorthPlay project participated in the “Festa fi de curs” which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year. The event, which took place in an open public space in La Verneda, was the occasion to conduct a co-design activity in a […]