Tertúlies Actives 3.0 in FIRAGRAN 2014

GTI participated in the 16th Edition of FIRAGRAN 2014, It was very well attended (c. 100,000 visitors) and covered by over 30 different media.

WorthPlay: Final Reports Available!

Worthplay Final Reports

The final reports of the research conducted throughout the WorthPlay project are freely available. The reports, one for each partner (GTI-UPF, IIIA-CSIC, DMAG-UoD), and written in Spanish, summarize the work done over two years, which has been a mix of ethnography, participatory design, accessibility, game design and development, artificial intelligence, adaptive games and cultural analysis. […]

Public reports of the WorthPlay project available!


The WorthPlay project is coming to an end. Over 2 years, we have been understanding the relationship between older people and digital games, designing a game-based platform that allows older people, and members of their social circles, to create and play games they consider are worthwhile to play, evaluating the playability, accessibility and experiences of […]

Cuatrecasas employees test new GTI geolocated app in Sitges!


36 Cuatrecasas employees taking part in a 2-day Team Building event in Sitges followed a geolocated activity prepared by Lapica on the basis of a new GTI application on October 23 2013. The activity consisted of using smartphones with a new GTI app to answer geolocated questions along twelve individual routes, one for each team. Each […]

A WorthPlay game to share neighborhood memories

The WorthPlay game Sharing Neighborhood Memories has been played during a public event, which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year. The game aims to elicit storytelling by asking participants to answer a set of questions about the story of their neighborhood, La Verneda. The questions have been created by older […]

ICT and folk parties: The Game


As part of the Worthplay project, the Àgora participants have created a knowledge game about Spanish folk parties. During spring 2012, 5 participants of the Worthplay game club, created the questions of the first version of the game. The game encouraged participants to use ICT resources as youtube, google maps, sharing images, and email to […]

Literary Gathering


Worthplay Project has explored the use of knowledge games in a literary tour, to extend the spaces of literary gatherings.  In the late Spring 2012, 11 participants were involved in the creation of literary tour about La Plaça del Diamant book by Mercè Rodoreda in Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. They created two groups, and during […]

WorthPlay @ Obra Social de la Caixa


The WorthPlay project has developed an online platform which enables both older people and members of their social circles to develop and play meaningful games. During the last months, a number of games have been created and played by older people in several settings, including Àgora, in Barcelona, and EspacioCaixa Madrid – one of the […]

GTI @ the human rights festival organized in La Verneda

GTI participated in the “Festa Drets Humans” were many activities celebrating human rights and multiculturalism were hold.

GTI will be participating in NORDICHI 2012

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 13.51.08

Valeria Righi and Andrea Rosales will be participating in NordiCHI 2012 with two position papers in two different workshops. “Older people’s strategies for building trust in online communities through an ethnographical lens” will be presented in the workshop User-Centered Trust in Interactive Systems and “Ethnographic techniques with older people at intermediate stages of product development” will […]

Simulation of a WorthPlay game in a public event at La Verneda

On the 15th of June 2012 researchers working in the WorthPlay project participated in the “Festa fi de curs” which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year. The event, which took place in an open public space in La Verneda, was the occasion to conduct a co-design activity in a […]

Ethnographical research on everyday digital game play by older people

In the last three months, researchers working in the Worthplay project have conducted an ethnographical research with the aim to understand older people relationship with digital games. The study has been carried out in Àgora, an adult educational centre in the Sant Martì district, in Barcelona. Participants have been recruited in several different courses that are […]

Worthplay: Video presentation

This video presentation, created by the CSIC, shows the objectives of the project:  

GTI in Lychnos Notebook

Issue 8 of Lychnos, Notebooks of the Fundación General CSIC, published in March 2012, presents the results of the survey on R+D & ageing conducted by Fundación General CSIC, and features a description of the 5 projects awarded with funding in Proyectos Cero 2011 en Envejecimiento, promoted by Fundación General CSIC, with the support of La […]

WorthPlay: juegos digitales para un envejecimiento activo y saludable

Josep Blat, Josep Lluis Arcos, Sergio Sayago, 2012. WorthPlay: juegos digitales para un envejecimiento activo y saludable. Revista Lychnos, Number 8, p 16.

Worth Playing for Ageing project to GTI


The Worth Playing project aims to enable an understanding and development of digital games that are worth playing by older people (60+) and their social circles. The project will research into ethnography, participatory design, and user experiences with the aim of understanding what makes digital games worth playing for older people.