Research Lines

Digital Inclusion

older people and ICT

The digital inclusion research line focuses on the use of technologies to improve lives of those people who might run the risk of being socially excluded, in particular we focus on the older people (60+). We mainly adopt ethnographic-inspired methods to understand older people’s use of technologies in real life contexts and to design technologies […]

Technology enhanced learning


  The Educational Technologies sub-group of the Interactive Technologies Group (GTI) focuses its research activities on applying and advancing Information and Communication Technologies to make possible new teaching and learning scenarios. Current research lines include, but are not limited to the ones described below.         Posts Related

Data Visualisation

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Advanced 3D graphics

GTI Advanced 3D Graphics

3D graphics, and the technology underpinning them, form a crucial part of several industries. The most notable of these is the entertainment industry, with its focus on videogames, film and television special effects, and digital animation. However, 3D graphics are also have many other applications in fields such as medicine, architecture, engineering and scientific research.

Human Computer Interaction

GTI Interaction

The work on Interaction focuses on developing intelligent interactions, visualizations and user-centred interfaces that respond in adequate fashion and context, enabling and preserving the fluency of the user engagement at any given time. Post Related