Signal Orchestration System (SOS)


The Signal Orchestration System (SOS) augments the physical environment with digital signals indicating orchestration aspects. It includes a manager, where orchestration visual and auditory signals are configured, changed on the fly and transmitted. These signals are rendered in physical devices that students can easily wear in a way that the signals can be collectively perceived […]



LdShake is a Web tool that enables the co-edition and social network-oriented sharing of learning designs created using a general rich text editor. Use cases for LdShake include joint design and sharing of learning designs in projects or communities across institutions, co-design by teams of teachers in charge of teaching the same course with different […]

Wearable Sounds


Wearable Sound is a kit to transform your movements in sounds. You can play the sound of a bird by moving your arms or the sound of a dinosaur while walking.

QuesTInSitu: The Game


QuesTInSitu: The Game is a mobile application to support gamified learning in situ activities. The application allows setting up gamified routes of geolocated questions. The students can answer in situ the geolocated questions as many times as needed until reach the correct solutions. Game elements, such as hints associated to the different questions, punctuation mechanisms, […]

Automatic Sign Language Avatar for video News


The Automatic Sign Language Avatar for Video News is a system of automatic generation of news in sign language (specifically in the International Sign System, SSI), which has been used to report the results of the Barcelona World Race sailing regatta ( The technological development has been implemented by the GTI Graphics Group, in order to help the deaf community gain greater access to information about the Barcelona World Race.