Kalpani Manatunga PhD Thesis Defense

Kalpi Thesis Defence

    Kalpani Manathunga from GTI-Educational Technologies defended her PhD Thesis, titled “Technology Support for Scalable and Dynamic Collaborative Learning : A Pyramid Flow Pattern Approach”. We congratulate Dr. Kalpani Manathunga who defended her dissertation on July 17th, 2017 and obtained the grade the grade of Excellent with the mention “Cum Laude”.   A list of […]

GTI Learning participates in EMOOCs 2017


GTI Learning participated in 5th European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit (EMOOCS 2017) held in Madrid, Spain from 22nd to 26th May, 2017. Davinia Hernández-Leo presented a paper, co-authored with Kalpani Manathunga and Mike Sharples, on “A Social Learning Space Grid for MOOCs: Exploring a FutureLearn Case” in the main conference, where she also participated in the poster […]

GTI in SUNY COIL Symposium

SUNY COIL Symposium

GTI Learning participated in the SUNY COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning ) Symposium 14th of October 2016. The event was organized by UPF’s CLIK (Center for Learning Innovation and Knowledge) and the State University of New York (SUNY) to which many professionals interested in collaborative practices participated. Konstantinos Michos from GTI presented on “Collaborative learning […]

Hands-on workshops about PyramidApp


GTI- Learning team, headed by Davinia Hernandez-Leo conducted two interesting workshops on “Design Collaborative Learning activities using PyramidApp” at UPF on the 1st July and 6th September, 2016 respectively. During the workshop Davinia discussed on collaborative learning, current practices, flow patterns and practical challenges existing while participants also shared their experiences in such learning scenarios. Other GTI-Learning […]

GTI at TEDxBarcelonaED


Yesterday there was a TEDx event around Education in Barcelona (#TEDxBarcelonaED). The participation was outstanding, with 300 participating physically in the auditorium of Torre Telefónica and over 2000 people following via streaming. The talks were very varied: from values, to technology, to life experiences. A selection of the public also presented their education-related initiatives. Davinia […]

11-12 December – Barcelona, “Design for Learning” Open Event


The GTI is organizing, as part of its activities in the METIS project and in collaboration with Cibernàrium - Barcelona Activa, an Open Event that will take place in Barcelona next December (11th and 12th), with the theme “Design for Learning: new tools for educators”. The event is addressed to teachers from any educational sector (with priority for Higher […]

GTI has participated in the European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning 2014

IMG_2052 (2)

Davinia Hernández-Leo, coordinator of the Learning Technologies research line within the GTI, attended the 9th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning, Graz, Austria this week. She has participated in the workshop “Can MOOCs save Europe’s unemployed youth?”, in which she was in charge together with Carlos Delgado Kloos, of a talk devoted to “responding” to the papers presented along […]

GTI participates in ICALT, 2014


Jonathan Chacón-Pérez, a PhD student of GTI took part in 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies ( ) which was held in Athens, Greece from 7th – 10th of July, 2014. Jonathan presented an architecture for supporting the managing and re-use of learning design patterns, which was the result of a collaborative work with […]

Wearable Sounds: journal paper accepted

On the evocative power and play value of a wearable movement-to-sound interaction accessory in the free-play of schoolchildren

Cuatrecasas employees test new GTI geolocated app in Sitges!


36 Cuatrecasas employees taking part in a 2-day Team Building event in Sitges followed a geolocated activity prepared by Lapica on the basis of a new GTI application on October 23 2013. The activity consisted of using smartphones with a new GTI app to answer geolocated questions along twelve individual routes, one for each team. Each […]

WebGLStudio: GTI paper wins Best Paper at Web3D 2013

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-20 a la(s) 16.54.35

The Web3D conference is a yearly event where the some of best and newest research into to web-based 3D graphics is published. This year, the GTI’s resident graphics expert, Javi Agenjo, won the Best Short Paper award for his paper WebGLStudio: A Pipeline for WebGL Scene Creation. The paper, co-written by Alun Evans and Josep Blat, […]

A talk focused on LdShake at TELGalicia network

On Monday, May 6th, Davinia Hernández-Leo gave an invited talk and a workshop at the IV conference of the TELGalicia network. The talk and workshop (link to the slides, in Spanish) were mainly focused on LdShake, a social network platform where teachers can co-edit and share learning designs. In her talk, Davinia also explained the […]

Wearable Sounds will be at Mini Music Day festival


Barcelona, april 21, Fabra i Coats

QuesTInSitu: The Game

“EL JOC DE LES TORRES: Discovering L’Hospitalet using your Smartphone” In the frame of its Technology-Enhanced Learning research line, the GTI (Interactive Technologies Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona) has developed an educational game for smartphones to discover the historical heritage of L’Hospitalet in situ. The game has been designed by a team of 7 […]

LDShake 1.0


LdShake 1.0 is a social platform for teacher communities. A web2.0 tool for the social sharing and co-editing of learning design solutions.

EEE: Educational Reflected Spaces


Recent technological advances open broad opportunities to link these spaces, thus enabling the realization of an “extended ubiquitous learning”settings that incorporate and coordinate objects and activities from the mall. Examples are: the use of augmented reality, that super imposes a digital layer on top of the physical space, providing extra information or linking objects; the […]

IJIE: Integrated Journalism in Europe


The project aims to innovate in media teaching through cooperation between European universities and companies. The core of the project is based on the partnership of educators and media professionals in the lecturing.

GTI, SOS and QuesTInSitu participation at the European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning 2012

GTI, SOS and QuesTInSitu participation at the European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning 2012

SOS: Orchestrating Collaborative Activities Across Digital and Physical Spaces Using Wearable Signaling Devices

Hernández-Leo, D.; Nieves, R.; Arroyo, E.; Rosales, A.; Melero, J.; Blat, J.: SOS: Orchestrating Collaborative Activities Across Digital and Physical Spaces Using Wearable Signaling Devices. Journal of Universal Computer Science 18(15), 2012, 2165-2186

ARS Electronica Lab

The GTI participated in the Ars Electronica festival 2012, with a open lab for kids.

QuesTInSitu for senior users: a literature adventure

Catalan Literature Group at the “Escuela de adultos de la Verneda” participated in a QuesTInSitu activity

QuesTInSitu in TV3 news

QuesTInSitu in the news: an activity done in Girona with 60 students of the Escola Pia de Mataró appears in the TV3 news

Evocative Experiences in the Design of Objects to Encourage Free-Play for Children

Andrea Rosales, Ernesto Arroyo, Josep Blat, 2011. Evocative Experiences in the Design of Objects to Encourage Free-Play for Children. In Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence – AmI’11. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Orchestration Signals in the Classroom: Managing the Jigsaw Collaborative Learning Flow

Davinia Hernández-Leo, Raul Nieves, Ernesto Arroyo, Andrea Rosales, Javier Melero, Josep Blat, Pau Moreno, 2011. Orchestration Signals in the Classroom: Managing the Jigsaw Collaborative Learning Flow. In Proceedings of 6th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2011, Palermo, Italy, September 2011, pp. 153-165