Cuatrecasas employees test new GTI geolocated app in Sitges!


36 Cuatrecasas employees taking part in a 2-day Team Building event in Sitges followed a geolocated activity prepared by Lapica on the basis of a new GTI application on October 23 2013.

The activity consisted of using smartphones with a new GTI app to answer geolocated questions along twelve individual routes, one for each team. Each question had a clue to continue the route, leading to a combination to unlock a real padlock at the end of the route, with a reward for the teams.

The new application developed by the GTI is based on the Worthplay and QuesTInSitu projects, and improves the web editor to create routes of geolocated questions and uses HTML5 jQueryMobile technology for the smartphone app.

The improved web editor allowed Lapica to prepare the routes without going to Sitges. The app allowed every group of employees to follow and finish their routes successfully. They reported to have a lot of fun, especially since the groups competed against each other to see who would finish the activity first.

It was a successful test in a real environment of the new application.