A web­based tool for Digital Cinema

In the frame of the European IMPART project (http://impart.upf.edu/) the GTI is developing a web­based tool that will allow filmmakers to deal with the amount of shooting data generated every day in production.

Digital cinema has broadened the creative possibilities but now production crews have to deal with huge amount of data related  to a single shot. Laser scans of the set and multiple views (witness cameras) of the same shot are generated and have to be reviewed daily to take decisions on the production.

Any critical decision should be taken rapidly as it may require to extend the contract of an actor or filming gears.
Furthermore, it may happen that the director or other important crew members are not on set to judge the filming, making the review process even harder.

With the Web­Based, 3D­Assisted Editing of Production Dailies (to be presented at the 2013 ACM Web3D Conference) under development at the GTI, filmmakers will be able to access all the data, wherever they are, through a web tool that shows a 3D reconstruction of the set, camera positions and a quick editing and annotation interface to guide further production (retakes and editing).



Web­Based, 3D­Assisted Editing of Production Dailies

Web­Based, 3D­Assisted Editing of Production Dailies