EEE Project Meeting

Last week members of GTI organized and participated in the EEE project meeting which took place at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), on12 and 13th September.

Educational Reflected Spaces (Espacios Educativos Especulares) is a collaborative project made possible by the joint efforts of researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universidad de Valladolid, with the aim to provide technological and methodological solutions for the support of orchestrated ubiquitous learning settings.

During the meeting members of EEE presented their research projects and discussed several issues regarding the scope of the overall initiative, the evaluation methods for technological and educational innovations and some of the steps to be followed for the successful continuation of the project.

We are very thankful for the participation of Carlos Delgado Kloos, Abelardo Pardo, Carmen Fernández-Panadero, Mar Pérez-San Agustín, Israel Gutierrez and Derick Leony from UC3M;  Yannis Dimitriadis, Juan I. Asensio, Juan A. Muñoz, Sara Villagrá and Luis P. Prieto from UVa; Josep Blat, Javier Melero, Jonathan Chacón, Patricia Santos, Mara Balestrini, Pablo Abenia and Davinia Hernández-Leo from UPF.

The meeting also benefited from the presence of guests who made substantial contributions to the project: Mario Barajas (UB), Nikolaos Avouris (UP): “On designing location-based games for learning”, Marcus Specht (OUNL) “Situation awareness in mixed realities”, and Henk Sligte (UvA) “Some words on evaluating (technological) innovations”.

Last but not least, we received staff from educational institutions such as Escola Pía de Mataró and Centre d’Estudis Dolmen d’Hospitalet.

More information about the presentations and working sessions can be found in this storify by Carlos Delgado Kloos or just tracking the Twitter conversations through #projecteee. The official website of the project can be found in this link.