GTI at Networked Learning Conference 2014

In the context of the Metis project, the GTI is leading the development of the ILDE (Integrated Learning Design Environment), which integrates a number of learning designs tools that enable the creation of multiple types of artefacts or solutions (patterns, course maps, activities, implementations, etc.) The environment includes now a new feature enabling the management of diverse versions of the artefacts, following a “learning design family” metaphor.


The design of the feature has been presented by Jonathan Chacón the 8th of April 2014 at the Networked Learning Conference in Edinburg, as part of the symposium “Building Co-design Strategies in Higher Education Using Technology-Enhanced Learning Scenarios.”

Chacón, J.; Hernández-Leo, D.; Learning design family tree to back reuse and cooperation, In: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Networked Learning, NCL 2014, Edinburg, UK, April 2014, pp. 510-517.