GTI in FutureLearn Partners Conference


FutureLearn , a prominent Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider, held its partners conference at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona on 11 and 12 April where over 20 existing and potential partners met and shared their experiences. Members from GTI Learning also participated in the event and Davinia Hernandez-Leo participated in a panel discussion on “How to get the best out of social learning: a discussion on how to engage learners and provoke conversation”. She shared experiences from 3D Graphics for Web Developers MOOC, a project of GTI members in collaboration with UPF MOOC staff, that was finished its first cycle in March on FutureLearn platform exceeding 6000 participants. She explained different social learning mechanisms used within the course (eg: comments, discussions, FutureLearn platform filters such as mostly liked, followed, etc..), specifically the case of “PyramidApp”, an on-going research project of GTI-Learning team in the context of RESET project aimed at reformulating scalable educational ecosystems offering technological innovations.