GTI Learning in UPF Campus Junior


The last July, members of GTI-learning group organized  a summer course for undergraduates during the Campus Júnior (CJ) program of UPF. The aim of the CJ is to familiarise the university environment to high school students through  multidisciplinary courses that combine teaching with practical and  experimental aspects in a  playful surrounding.


The course offered was titled “Design and program your own video game!” and 30 students between 14-16 years old attended the course. Their main objective was exploring the basic principles of programming as well as understanding and implementing the process of designing and developing computer games. During the course, students used Scratch to develop their own video games, as well as they explored  interactive interfaces with  MakeyMakey. On the last day of the course, students presented  their videogames created through-out the course  and shared those games with the others, allowing them to play and enjoy.

In the following link you can find and play the final games of the course!