GTI Learning participated in IEEE ICALT 2017

UntitledGTI Learning participated in The 17th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies – ICALT2017 held in Timisoara, Romania from July 3-7, 2017. ICALT is an annual international conference on Advanced Learning Technologies and Technology-enhanced Learning organized by IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology. Ishari Amarasinghe presented her Master Thesis work titled, “Intelligent Group Formation in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Scripts“, which proposed an algorithmic approach that adapts to a novel binary integer programming approach to compute learner groups based on Jigsaw Collaborative Learning Flow Pattern.

Amarasinghe, I., Hernández-Leo, D., Jonsson, A., Intelligent Group Formation in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Scripts. In 17 th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Timisoara, Romania, July 2017.

Abstract:   Well-structured collaborative learning groups scripted based on Collaborative Learning Flow Patterns (CLFPs) often result in successful collaborative learning outcomes. Formulation of such learner groups based on instructor defined criteria promises potentially effective performance of participating students. However, forming student groups manually based on multiple criteria often fails due to its complexity and the time limitations of practitioners. Hence, an intelligent assistance which supports adaptive collaboration scripting based on instructor defined criteria, while adhering to CLFPs is presented. Constraint Optimization techniques have been used for learner group formation and preliminary tests revealed that the proposed approach could be utilized when formulating student groups while satisfying team formation criteria.