GTI student is a Google Anita Borg Scholarship Finalist 2012

Susan Möller Ferreira is a Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Finalist 2012: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Google Anita Borg Scholarship was founded to honor the work of Dr. Anita Borg, a computer scientist who dedicated her professional career to increasing the participation of women and other under-represented minorities in the field of technology.  It is given annually by Google to recognize outstanding young women scholars and to encourage women to excel in computing and technology, and become active role models and leaders. Candidates are awarded based on the strength of their academic performance, leadership experience and demonstrated passion for computer science.

Susan’s ongoing PhD thesis is aimed at understanding older people’s real-life use and accessibility issues of video web portals and iTV.  In the Google networking retreat, which took place in Zurich (18-20 June) and consisted of workshops with a series of speakers, panels, breakout sessions and social activities, Susan presented part of her PhD project with the tittle:  “Towards understanding the interactions of older people with video web portals and iTV: a qualitative study in three countries”.