GTI takes part in the ICTD 2013

The GTI’s PhD student Susan Moller Ferreira was awarded a scholarship to attend and present her research in the ICTD 2013 conference and pre-conference symposium in Cape Town.


The Sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD2013) was hosted at the University of Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa), from December 7 to 10, 2013 ( ICTD is the world’s premier conference examining the role of computers and communications in social, economic and political development. It is a place to examine, critique, and refine the persistent, pervasive hope that ICTs can be enlisted by individuals and communities in the service of human development. The conference program reflected the multidisciplinary nature of ICTD research, with contributions from fields including anthropology, computer science, communication, design, economics, electrical engineering, geography, human-computer interaction, information science, information systems, political science, public health, and sociology.

Susan Moller Ferreira was awarded a scholarship from the ICTD 2013 Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the Canada’s International Development Research Centre ( to attend the ICTD conference and pre-conference symposium in Cape Town. Scholars had to meet several criteria, including presenting a forthcoming paper contribution around the idea of ICT ecosystems in developing countries. The scholarship recipients came from a wide variety of backgrounds, including both the private sector and academia, and represented 18 countries from the continents of North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Susan presented her work in the second day of the pre-conference symposium “Opening up the ICT ecosystem through inclusion, training and dialogue (OUI-ITD).”, held from 2 to 6 of December at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. Her presentation was entitled: “Working towards the digital inclusion of older people in Brazil: lessons learned from ethnographical studies of ICT use” and was presented in the track of “ICT and the Social System (Gender, Class, Race and Generation)”. Susan presented part of the results of her ongoing PhD research which is being supervised by Josep Blat (with the support of Sergio Sayago, currently at UC3M). The research presented in the symposium was performed in collaboration with the Casa do Idoso (, a center that promotes activities for older people in Sao José dos Campos, Brazil. The objective of the study was to explore the ICT use of older people in Brazil in order to contribute to their ICT uptake. The outcomes highlight factors that can contribute and limit the ICT uptake in Brazil and solutions that can possible contribute to the digital and social inclusion of older people in Brazil.