iMP: satellite distribution demo at Splau Cinemas


In the full HD cinema Splau in Barcelona, partners of the IMP project met on Wednesday 11th May for an IMP 7th Framework dissemination activity related to the satellite distribution system developed by Datasat Digital, within the framework of the project.
Producers, directors and cinema operators were given a demonstration of the transmission capabilities of the system.
A short movie file was send by satellite from the UK and received by the server installed in the Splau Cinema. The one minute movie file (2K resolution) was transferred in 15 minutes using only 1/5 of the capabilities of the satellite. The movie file was then projected in the cinema.
A fruitful dialogue took place after the demo, in which the attendees explained some of the needs of the industry and the partners clarified how the system will respond to them.
iMP partners detailed the future capabilities and the potential of using a satellite distribution system – a great advantage of which is the  possibility to transfer the same movie file for different countries (with different subtitle files), thus distributing to an entire continent in a few short minutes.</li>