IJIE: Integrated Journalism in Europe

IJIE: Integrated Journalism in Europe

The project aims to innovate in media teaching through cooperation between European universities and companies. The core of the project is based on the partnership of educators and media professionals in the lecturing.

The European project intends to share, adapt and export the teaching innovation project “Integrated Journalism”, successfully developed by the Pompeu Fabra University on 2011-2012.

Universities and companies have detected that the media landscape is changing, and both should change the focus with respect to teaching, research and work.  Through cooperation between higher education institutions and companies, and increased sharing between universities, the project intends to provide real media professional simulations in the classrooms, innovating on media convergence, and internationalizing all the participants universities and the project, while suited to different models of media education in Europe.

Based on these goals, the objectives of the project are to:

  1. Develop methods for the convergence of media.
  2. Internationalize universities by activating an online platform to create a Journalism Student Network of Correspondents, in order to publish works from one University to another EU University media outlet.
  3. Provide proposals for a true simulation training in college.
  4. Propose different integrated journalism models for different universities and companies.
  5. Achieve greater business involvement at college level.
  6. Develop a pedagogical methodology, that enhances new skills for journalists, such as ICT, language, ethics and intercultural skills. (EUROMAIN)
  7. Develop educational materials to promote the integrated newsroom model. This will involve: a) organizing a conference on media convergence, globalization and collaboration companies /universities; b) Publishing and disseminating the results in prestigious journals; c) Publishing a book with the experiences and results.
  8. Maintain and promote a network between European universities

This will foster excellence and innovation in European universities with activities that improve education, research and innovation methods.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra UPF Spain (Journalism Studies, and GTI)

Université Paris 8 VINCENNES France

Wetsminster University UK

Danish School of Media and Journalism DMJX Denmark

Babes-Bolyai University BBU Romanian

Linnaeus University Sweden


The GTI will be providing support to the project through enhancing LDShake (a collaborative tool supporting learning), stimulating its use, and analyzing the results of the use.