European older people community pilots at the Smart City Exhibition in Bologna

Life 2.0 at Smart City Exhibition 2013

On October 16, the pilots runned within the Life 2.0 European project in Barcelona, Milano, Joensuu and Aalborg were presented at the Smart City Exhibition 2013 in the session on “The elderly communities as a resource: towards a new vision of welfare“.  The session, which was focused on the European research on e-inclusion within the framework of the Smart City Program, made emphasis on the active role that older people and their communities are taking in the contemporary societies.

Valeria Righi, a GTI member, presented the Barcelona pilot by illustrating the process followed and the main results achieved. The Life 2.0 Barcelona pilot started in March 2012 and took place in La Verneda neighborhood of Sant Martì district – Barcelona. It involved over 90 older people (aged 60-80), 3 public bodies, and over 10 local associations and groups which were considered key actors for the sustainability of the Life 2.0 platform in the future. The Barcelona pilot was marked by an active involvement of older people in all project phases, including co-design, dissemination, business evaluation.

The programm of the session is available at  You can download the presentation here.