Life 2.0

The LIFE 2.0 project aims at generating new opportunities for local interaction by creating new services for elderly people, based on the use of tracking systems. The objective of the project is to build product-service solutions that increase the opportunities for a) Social contacts between elderly people in their local area
b) Acquiring knowledge about people living in the areas and events occurring close:
c) Getting knowledge about commercial services and assistance available in their area.
d) Offering their residual capabilities and skills to friends, family and other people of any age, living in their area.

Geographical positioning systems are going to provide on-time localised information about those opportunities. The services based on those systems will increase elderly people’s control and social contact within their living area, thereby increasing physical and social activity in elderly people’s life., reducing the social distance between elderly people and their neighbors and reducing their sense of loneliness and isolation.

elder workshop session

ACTIVITIES.The project team will work in collaboration with elderly people and with local senior services (such as activity centres) in well-defined areas. The project activities will consist in a series of rapid prototypes of solutions (services and products) that will be proposed to people living in those areas, tested and implemented with their collaboration. The prototypes will be generated in workshops involving all the members of the consortium and will be periodically evaluated by an evaluation panel, including elderly people associations, experts, companies and academic personnel, who will follow the development of such rapid prototypes towards economically feasible and socially desirable solutions.Business cases will be developed on the basis of those prototypes , in order to generate products and services that should be available on the market in a period of 2-3 years.

The project is cofinanced by the European Commission under CIP ICT-PSP program.

2010 -2013

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