Literary Gathering

Worthplay Project has explored the use of knowledge games in a literary tour, to extend the spaces of literary gatherings.  In the late Spring 2012, 11 participants were involved in the creation of literary tour about La Plaça del Diamant book by Mercè Rodoreda in Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. They created two groups, and during two sessions, each group created a set of geolocated questions for the other group. During the third session, each group followed the route created by the other group, and answered the questions. They enjoyed going through the scenarios and imaging the characters in action. This video summarizes the enjoyment of the activity.
The project conducted a second game tour. This time the topic selected is Bernat Metge life, and the tour took place in the gotic neighborhood in Barcelona. Participants choose the topic of the tour, and beyond the book they were reading, El Somni de Bernat Metge, they decided to make a tour about author’s life. They created the questions for the tour, and enjoyed a sunny afternoon through  the gotic neighborhood, evoking Metge’s live through his own streets.