Metis: Meeting teachers co-design needs by means of Integrated Learning Environments


Meeting teachers co-design needs by means of Integrated Learning Environments.

In spite of the maturity achieved by learning design authoring tools and specifications, they  have not been widely adopted by learning institutions or teachers. Consequently, teachers do not take advantage on the possibility of producing (or co-producing), sharing and applying learning designs by using tested software authoring tools. This represents a missed opportunity to incorporate new pedagogical approaches into everyday teaching-learning processes supported by Virtual Learning Environments.

The project outcomes will include:

  • To develop an Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE). The ILDE will integrate existing free and open source solutions that include:
    • Co-design support for communities of practitioners.
    • Learning design authoring tools.
    • An integrated interface of learning designs.
    • To run a series of workshops for teachers at partner institutions using ILDE. The workshops will have the goal of fostering the adoption of learning design and of advancing teachers’ skills in the orchestration of ICT-based learning environments according to innovative pedagogical approaches.
    • To disseminate the project’s outcomes and maintain a community of teachers.

In METIS, the GTI builds on its previous research to lead and contribute in setting up the Integrated Learning Design Environments (ILDE), with a specific focus on supporting co-design for communities of practitioners using multiple learning design tools ( UPF also participates in the elaboration and running of workshop packages, and in dissemination activities.

Project site:



Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Agora, Spain

University of Leicester UK

The open University, UK

Centre for the advancement of research & development in educational technology, Greece

KEK EuroTraining Greece