Metis workshop at Online Educa Berlin

GTI member Davinia Hernández-Leo together with other Metis project members, Yannis Dimitriadis and Yishay Mor, run a workshop at Online Educa Berlin titled “From Idea to VLE in a Day: METIS Approach and Tools for Learning Co-Design”. This workshop was designed to give participants a quick taste of what we mean by learning design, and how this vision is supported by the Integrated Learning Design Environment. Within three hours, participants went from being complete novices to the tools and methods of Metis, through conceptualising designs in the form of intention statements and personas, to deploying activities from a design tool (WebCollage) to a VLE.
The workshop participants were incredibly productive – you can see their work on the ILDE demo installation. Link to video showing the ILDE.
Several participants expressed their desire to continue to explore the Metis resources, methods and tools. In a quick survey we ran after the workshop, a large majority of respondents found the scenarios we presented relevant or highly relevant for their institution.