Noa & Max on Spanish National Television TVE

Today the Spanish National Television (TVE) broadcasted a report on Noa & Max, the animated TV series in production at the GTI.

The report includes interesting interviews to the creators of the series.

Following the report, an interesting debate about how to encourage teen-agers in studying science and technology and how it would decrease the unemployment rate.

Something that Noa & Max will be able to do soon!

Ver vídeoPara Todos La 2 - Debate: Estudiar ciencias

Para Todos La 2 – Debate: Estudiar ciencias



Some interview excerpts:

>> Marco Romeo (director and technical director)

Studying science and technology could be a funny process of discovery.

We want to communicate that if you have passion for something, and your approach is joyful, all the knowledge is easy to obtain and understand.

>> Sergio Marco Del Fresno (head of educative programmes, Everis)

It’s necessary to apply different learning strategies to bring science contents closer to a real-life context and make kids feel that it’s something that exists in their lives and that they are able to work with.

>> Lorena Díaz Arrondo (creative director and animator)

Using computer animation for this project is not just a vehicle but also a representation of the idea that the technology is everywhere, even in creativity that nowadays would be impossible without it.