Patricia Santos



Patricia Santos has got a Computer Engineering degree and a PhD in Information, Communication and Media Technologies, focused on the research areas of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In 2011 Patricia presented her PhD thesis (focused on new representation of test and assessment using interaction contexts such as: geo-located routes of questions answered with mobile phones, use of maps for representing questions and 3D virtual worlds for assessment environments) obtaining the qualification of Summa cum Laude. Since 2007, she has been collaborating with the GTI research group (Interactive Technologies Group, UPF). Patricia has been involved in several European and national R&D projects in the field of TEL. Her role has been especially focused in the design of mobile and ubiquitous learning applications to support indoor and outdoor activities, pilots and experiments done in real educational contexts, in the evaluation of research results, in organizing R&D meetings and workshops, developing reports and deliverables, and participating in project meetings and reviews. In addition, Patricia has five years of teaching experience in different subjects (TEL, HCI, Programming…) in different Catalan universities (UPF, UAB and UOC).


Technology enhanced learning. Educational technology standards (especially the IMS QTI). E-assessment. Mobile-learning.

Research Lines: