QTIMaps: A model to enable web maps in assessment

Toni Navarrete, Patricia Santos,  Davinia Hernandez-Leo, Josep Blat.
Information and Communication Technologies Department, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Published in:
Journal of Educational & Technology Society, (accepted).

Test-based e-Assessment approaches are mostly focused on the assessment of knowledge and not on that of other skills, which could be supported by multimedia interactive services. This paper presents the QTIMaps model, which combines the IMS QTI standard with web maps services enabling the computational assessment of geographical skills. We introduce a reference implementation of the model, with Google Maps as the web map service, comprising both an editor and a runtime system, which have been used in two learning situations. The tooling developed and the real use results demonstrate that the QTIMaps model is usable and provides educational benefits. We describe three other assessment activities, showing that the model can be applied to a variety of educational scenarios.

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Navarrete, T., Santos, P., Hernández-Leo, D., & Blat, J. (Accepted) QTIMaps: A model to enable web-maps in assessment,  Educational Technology & Society Journal.