QuesTInSitu- BDigital Award

The GTI Technology enhanced Learning team has been nominated with the project QuesTInSitu to the BDigital Awards for Digital Innovation in the category of universities and institutions. The next 31th of May, in the 13th edition of the BDigital Global Congress, the final decision will be made.



Day: 31th of May 2011

Time: 12.30h

Place: Auditori del CaixaForum. Barcelona.

More info:

The purpose of the BDigital Awards for Digital Innovation is fostering innovative ideas and projects with a clear technological application, based upon results generated at companies, technological centres and universities, and innovative products and services, developed or under development, designed for encouraging an industrial use of the results and/or technology generated within the society of information and the digital world.


The BDigital Awards for Digital Innovation, which are sponsored by Fujitsu, are divided into three categories:

  • Projects submitted by large and medium-sized companies
  • Projects submitted by small companies and entrepreneurs
  • Projects submitted by universities and institutions

QuesTInSitu is nominated to the category universities and institutions:

  • QuesTInSitu : is a web-based system designed and built to support assessment in situ activities based on tests. Users can create geolocated questions and tests (routes) in a webmap (from Google Maps). The questions follow the educational technology standard for assessment IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI). QuesTInSitu also is a player of questions where users can answer the geolocated questions and they are automatically corrected. Using the application an author can create two types of assessment in situ activities: assessment in real & virtual situ. Currently the web map application used to play the questions is Google Maps.  QuesTInSitu has a web-mobile version that allows students to follow the assessment in real situ activities, answering the questions, receiving feedback and score in situ and personalizing the questions with their own pictures and comments using a mobile phone.


Link video QuesTInSitu BDigital: