QuesTInSitu for senior users: a literature adventure

Last May 22nd, eleven members of the Catalan Literature Group at the “Escuela de adultos de la Verneda” participated in a QuesTInSitu activity held in the district of Gracia.

The activity, organized by Patricia Santos and Mara Balestrini, was conducted as part of the research project Life2.0 and was aimed at understanding the relationship between senior users and geolocated content. Andrea Rosales, Valeria Righi and Juan Tirado participated as observers following the groups of participants to asses that no technical issues woud affect the overall performance of the teams.

Participants played a game based on a book that they had previously chosen: “La Plaça del Diamant“. Divided into two groups, they made questions matching moments in the plot with specific places in the neighborhood. Tthe story told in the book takes place in Gracia during the Spanish Civil war.

For two hours the members of the literature group walked around the district holding their smartphones, exploring and collaborating in order to answer as many questions as possible.

The outcome of the activity suggests the great potential of mobile technologies to create projects that allow for learning, engagement, collaboration, and physical activity.