QuesTInSitu in TV3 news

The last 23th of March, 60 students of the 2nd course of Bachelor of the Escola Pia Santa Anna de Mataró done a route in situ for learning Art History in Girona. The students  used their smartphones for answering a route of geolocated questions created with the QuesTInSitu tool.  The teacher, Manel Trenchs, designed a route of 70 questions and Patricia Santos managed the organization of the activity.


QuesTInSitu is an original idea of Patricia Santos, Mar Pérez-Sanagustín and Davinia Hernández-Leo, mainly developed by David Pérez Calle, members of the Technology Enhanced Learning Team of the GTI-UPF.

This activity appears in the TV3 news (Girona and Barcelona news) the day 23/03/2012: (start minute 2’ 30’’) (start minute 16’ 55’’)

More information available in the web of the Escola Pia: