Simulation of a WorthPlay game in a public event at La Verneda

On the 15th of June 2012 researchers working in the WorthPlay project participated in the “Festa fi de curs” which was organized by Àgora to celebrate the end of the academic year. The event, which took place in an open public space in La Verneda, was the occasion to conduct a co-design activity in a real-life context. The goal of the activity was to simulate the model proposed for WorthPlay in order to validate it before proceeding to its implementation.
The game was based on a set of questions related to the history of the neighborhood and it had previously been created by 5 older people during a discussion session in Àgora. Examples of questions were: What was there where now there is a train station? Where was the first cinema? A paper map on a table was used to indicate the geographical reference of the questions, which were written on a whiteboard placed at the side of the table. Participants were invited to answer the question and propose new ones. Points were given in the form of stickers on the participants’ clothes.
The game was a great success and involved about 60 participants who played for over 2 hours and enjoyed answering and proposing new questions while sharing memories of their neighborhood.
The digital version of the game will be proposed in the same event that will be organized this year. This time the WorthPlay platform will be used to play the game and participants will be able to search images and videos of their neighborhood in Internet and Wikipedia.WorthPlay_co-design