Special Mention for a Final Degree Project (PFC) carried out within the GTI

The Final Degree Project (PFC) of Alejandro García Núñez, carried out in 2010 within the GTI, has received a Special Mention in the MadridOnRails-eMadrid 2011 Awards. The project was co-directed by Davinia Hernández-Leo and Jonathan Chacón, with the support of Miguel A. Carralero and other members of the GTI (Technology-Enhanced Learning research line). In the project, Alejandro (Alex) developed an IMS LD compliant wizard for the LdShake tool.

LdShake is a web tool for the social sharing and co-edition of learning design solutions. The name “LdShake” stands for “Learning design solutions – Sharing and (k)co-edition” and uses the “shake” metaphor to emphasize that the tool aims at facilitating teachers to shake their hands with other educators in their social network by collaborating with them in the co-edition of joint learning design solutions, to shake their way of working by sharing designs with other teachers, and to shake different learning design solutions shared by others to elaborate new designs in order to shake the students.