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Playful Accessories


In the near future technologies will be even more present in every day objects, which should add a playful value for children, to make use of their natural interest to play while being socially and physically active. We have moved towards this direction by building on free-play experiences identified through a face-to-face ethnographical study conducted […]


TENCompetence Foundation  exists to support individuals, groups and organisations in Europe in the life-long development of their abilities by developing and promoting the most suitable technical and organisational infrastructure, making use of open-source, standards-based sustainable and innovative technologies. The principal activity of the Foundation is to promote, maintain and develop the Personal Competence Manager, developed in TENCompetence […]



  As technology advances, new possibilities emerge that can have a profound impact on the learning experience. This project organizes the spectrum of technology-enhanced learning (TeL)along three main lines: Towards 3D Learning Towards Learning 3.0 Towards 3rd  place Learning Learn3 project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, TIN2008-05163. More Info People Partners Publications Website […]



Professional Media repositories and Intranets, like the Internet as a whole, present the problem of how to find precise segments of audiovisual files among a sea of largely un-indexed, heterogeneous data. SEMEDIA aims to create new methods, environments and widely usable tools for media labelling, searching and retrieval from very large collections of heterogeneous data, […]

The Game Barcelona World Race


Es un producto propio 2D-3D desarrollado desde la FNOB, conjuntamente con la Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Se ha querido apostar por la comunidad científica catalana y trabajo de investigación de la universidad, utilizando la última tecnología actual. Se trata de un producto independiente que podrá ser utilizado en más regatas y estará en constante evolución y mejora.

iMP: satellite distribution demo at Splau Cinemas


A demonstration of the possibilities of the satellite distribution was given to directors and productors of digital cinema, in the context of the iMP 7th Framework project dissemination.