Tertúlies Actives 3.0 in FIRAGRAN 2014

On the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of June, the GTI participated in the 16th Edition of FIRAGRAN 2014. FIRAGRAN organised numerous and different types of activities, all of which targeted at older people, ranging from showcases of healthy and leisure activities (e.g. dancing and handcrafting) to conferences and seminars. It was very well attended (c. 100,000 visitors) and covered by over 30 different media.

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The GTI showcased Tertúlies Actives 3.0, an app to stimulate sharing knowledge in leisurely and physically active ways ( www.tertuliesactives.org ). This app is grounded in ethnographical and co-design studies, conducted in the WorthPlay project on digital games for active ageing with the participation of Àgora, a lifelong learning community in the district of La Verneda-St. Martí (Barcelona). We made lots of contacts with different associations related to older people, and many participants in the event showed interest in taking part in an activity using Tertúlies Actives 3.0.