The Life 2.0 pilot

The Life 2.0 project is about 1 year in the full pilot phase. Over 110 people, in the four pilot location (Aalborg, Barcelona, Joensuu and Milano), are now using the Life 2.0 platform to share helps and information and get to know the events in their local area. The platform has been designed following a participatory approach which saw older people, local associations and small businesses been involved in several co-design activities.

Life 2.0 pilot


In Barcelona, the pilot is taking place in La Verneda, a neighborhood in Sant Martì district, and involved over 70 older people and 14 local 3rd sector organizations. Currently 34 older people and 2 local associations have registered in and tried out the platform.

The evaluation process is following an ethnographical approach, by holding weekly meetings with a group of 18 pilot participants with the aim to observe them while using the Life2.0 platform and other similar community technologies. The data collected intend to inform the iterative development process and allow evaluating the system in real-life contexts.

The Life 2.0 project is now entering in a new phase, in which the issue of the sustainability of the platform is being addressed. Older people and local associations are being invited to identify possible actors and strategies that best fit in their local context. Further activities will take place in the next months to evaluate the feasibility of the business scenarios proposed in each pilot location.