WE3D project approaching half-way point

The WE3D (3D Web Editor) project, under development by the GTI (Grup de Tecnologies Interactives) of the UPF and the company MMC (Mobile Media Content, http://mobilemediacontent.com/), has received funding from CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, http://www.cdti.es/), ref: IDI-20150508, for two years starting on 1st May 2015.

Purchasing new machinery supplies may involve a significant space remodeling within businesses such as hospitals, which expect solutions from the machinery supplier. Planning this kind of changes usually requires different departments working together, and this usually leads to inefficiency, errors and corrections that multiply the cost of the project and its time of completion.

WE3D (3D Web Editor) wants to mitigate some of these problems by creating an application to accelerate certain stages of the workflow and to improve the overall efficiency. The application will consist of several modules, including a web-based interactive 3D editor, as a space planner or just as a visualiser. One of the main goals is to achieve the finish quality of a professional tool, but without its complexity, so it can be used by non-technical departments. The app will allow the user to load CAD files, so companies that already have their plans can use and build upon them.

Currently the project is in a deployment phase, having available the basic modules of editing and visualisation.

GTI-UPF and MMC have a history of collaborations focusing on the development of virtual visualization solutions by using interactive three-dimensional environments.