Wearables for free-play

Wearable Computer Magazine


“Beeping Socks and Chirping Arm Bands: Wearables That Foster Free Play”, by Andrea Rosales, Sergio Sayago, (both PhD from UPF, the former currently with IN3-UOC, the latter tenure track at Universitat de Lleida), and Josep Blat (CS professor at UPF), has just appeared in the June issue of the Computer magazine of the prestigious IEEE Society. Computer is between a trade magazine and a research journal, and “provides information regarding current research developments, trends, best practices, and changes in the computing profession”.
The cover feature of the June issue is “Wearable Computing: the new dress code” and the paper presents the playful side of wearable computers. The authors describe how four qualities of wearables—individuality, natural interaction, ubiquity, and intimacy— can foster rich and diverse free play, which is key to learning in young children. The authors study three accessories worn on the feet, wrist, and waist, and explore how their findings can help support wearables future design.

The paper derives from A. Rosales’ PhD (co-supervised by S. Sayago and J. Blat), and part of the free-play experiments took place in Ars Electronica, Mini-Música, and other festivals.

Ref: Rosales, A., Sayago, S., Blat, J.: Beeping Socks and Chirping Arm Bands: Wearables That Foster Free Play, IEEE Computer 48(6), 41 – 48, 2015 (June).

Link for download: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=7122175