WebGLStudio: GTI paper wins Best Paper at Web3D 2013

The Web3D conference is a yearly event where the some of best and newest research into to web-based 3D graphics is published. This year, the GTI’s resident graphics expert, Javi Agenjo, won the Best Short Paper award for his paper WebGLStudio: A Pipeline for WebGL Scene Creation. The paper, co-written by Alun Evans and Josep Blat, presents an application which addresses the problem of 3D scene creation in WebGL, allowing non-technical users to create every aspect of an interactive 3D scene, such as cameras, lights, meshes, materials etc.
Within minutes of the presentation, Web3D expert Ricardo Cabello (aka @mrdoob) tweeted an endorsement of paper along with a link to the demo page. The result was a storm of tweets and retweets and increase in server traffic of 1000%!
WebGLStudio is still a prototype (and requires a decent graphics card to use), but you are able to view a demo, and see the presentation slides here. The PDF of the paper can be downloaded here.